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    09.03.2018 - 11.03.2018
    "Magic Living - Live a happy and fulfilling life with ease and joy"
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    "My Mission is to awaken the power that lies in the heart of people. I want people to discover their potential. Then everything is possible!"



    I am Adriana Casas

    Adriana Casas was born in a family of entrepreneurs in Guadalajara, Mexico. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She has worked internationally for over 14 years in various companies in Marketing and Management. In 1999, Adriana moved to Germany as a product manager for Hewlett Packard.

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    Adriana has worked intensively not only with products but also with people. Hence, her focus on the “people”aspect in her work. After having completed several training courses on personal development, she uncovered her true passion and talent, which led her to the position she enjoys today. Her infectious engagement and enthusiasm in this field soon inspired others to begin their developmental journey with her as their guide. Currently, she lives in Munich as a global citizen with her husband and their son, and continues to actively inspire others to realise their vision, mission and true calling.


    Visionary management and action can only occur when people are given paramount importance, only then can people realise their social responsibility, cooperate with one another, and also derive joy from their interpersonal interactions. The result of this is that people feel more fulfilled both in their professional as well as personal lives. This applies to everyone regardless of their profession from home-makers to managers or artists. It is possible to achieve revenue, profit, growth, a happy relationship and much more without undue stress. According to Adriana, when people are in alignment with their own potential, all the personal and health related pressures disappear automatically.

    At The Casas Academy we are experts in personal development, Leadership and new ways of thinking, living and working. Our pioneering work is based on scientific research and fundamentals of quantum physics, neuroscience and NLP.


    Our holistig approach enables sustainable change and transformation. The priorities of The Casas Academy are: Leadership, Personal development and awareness raising (consciousness). Our offer includes coaching, consulting team coaching, training and speeches about: Visionary Leadership, Motivation versus inspiration , innovation and creativity , shaping the future , following your calling , and the new paradigm of life among others.