Business Owner

Holger Körber | Germany

The first meeting with Adriana was a wonderful experience for me.

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  • Adriana manages to connect our thinking from the problem to the opportunities that exist within the problem and hence to the solution.
  • This process that works very well from the first step changed my entire situation. It helps me now to understand unclear situations better and to handle them in a solution-oriented manner, without going to deep into the problem itself.
  • My clarity, motivation and execution capabilities have increased significantly since then.
  • The good sense and passion which Adriana brings to the table enriched our cooperation considerably.
  • I know today that a clear awareness and open heart open up opportunities where everything is possible. Thank You!

Business Owner

Andrea Velina | Germany

"I am very thankful to Adriana Casas. Her work has enabled me to see the value in my life. These are the results of my participation in the leadership and coaching workshops:

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  • I learnt to value myself. A lot of good things have been happening to me since then.
  • I learnt to see every moment and situation as perfect. Everything that happens and everything that I do is correct. This allows me to trust life.
  • I am now well-equipped with the methods and tools to sharpen my awareness and improve my action.«


Managing Director

Jörg Knippschild | Germany

I achieved the following results through my participation in Adriana Casas leadership and coaching workshop:

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  • My performance and the performance of my team members increased 20% - 30%.
  • Better collaboration and team work throughout the organisation.
  • Significant improvement in team morale and its positive impact on the entire organisation.
  • I had more insight into the hidden potential of employees and their motivation factors.
  • We were able to create a team culture based on personal trust, respect and commitment.
  • I broadened and deepened my leadership and coaching skills.