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    Life will never be the same...


    ¿Are you unhappy? ¿Are you longing for meaning in your life? ¿Can you feel that your life could be even better? ¿Do you want to fulfill your dreams?


    "My Mission is to awaken the power that lies in the heart of people. I want people to discover their potential. Then everything is possible!"


    Ich kann helfen

    I am Adriana Casas

    Although I had everything that many would want: Family and friends who love me, financial stability and a successful marketing career, I was very unhappy during the first 35 years of my life. To improve my situation I took courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming, personal growth, Coaching and Training after trying various spiritual disciplines.


    We are in a new paradigm where you can take your life into your own hands and create your own reality. You just need to know how easy is to apply some universal laws.


    My mission is:


    1. To remind you of who you really are so that you can connect with your potential.

    2. To inspire you to live a magical life.

    3. To teach you how to use your intuition and to connect with LIFE to co-create your life with it.

    4. To teach you the art of manifesting and empowering yourself to fulfill your dreams.


    There is no more time to waste, this is your chance to be happy!


    Live a magical life through my MASTERMIND PROGRAM

    MY MASTERMIND PROGRAM consists of 12 weeks of training and group coaching.

    A Mastermind program makes it easier for you to take your life in your hands:


    Contact with the group provides inspiration and gives you the courage to make changes and move forward.

    Applying the exercises with examples from other people helps you strengthen your intuition (and make sure you have access to the information you need to handle any situation at any time).

    Practicing the exercises for six months helps you to change your way of living and TO BE YOURSELF in a sustainable way.


    The program includes:

    * 12 Trainings - Which can be done from anywhere in the world.

    * 12 Q&A calls - To answer the questions you may have after applying what you learn.

    * 2 calls to create consciousness - Through active meditation you to transform the world and your life.

    * Replays - All calls are recorded so you can download and listen to them as often as you want.

    * Audios of the main exercises - so you can use them when you need them.

    * Accountability - Sharing what you learn with others increases the achievement of goals by 60%. That's why having someone to hold you accountable is key.

    * Private Facebook Group - Be part of an extraordinary community with others who are on the same path as you. Sharing experiences in a group with other interesting people is what makes a Mastermind so much fun.


    The topics we cover in the program are:


    Life has changed a lot for humanity over the past 35-40 years. Get to know a new way of being and living that gives you a new perspective on life and opens up unlimited possibilities for you.


    2 - Connect to LIFE

    The quantum field of LIFE or the consciousness is an intelligent energy field and is alive. CONSCIOUSNESS includes everything that exists, even you. Connecting to it allows you to use your intuition in an optimal way: All the decisions you make and everything you do will be good for you, for those around you and even for the world. LIFE is your partner and you can co-create your life actively with it.


    3 - Connect to YOURSELF - Connect to YOUR INNER GENIUS

    Remember who you really are. Connect with your essence to realize that you have everything within yourself to be happy. Discover your purpose and use your potential to the fullest!


    4 - Connect to OTHERS AS YOURSELF

    Realize that others also have the essence of life or the universe within them and that if you see them this way you can completely change the way you relate and communicate with them.


    5 - How to make your dreams come true - The art of creating

    What are the requirements for creating reality? What ingredient is missing in books like The Secret and why your dreams can't always come true. Connecting with the magical field of LIFE opens up possibilities you never imagined....


    6 - How to manage your emotions

    Emotions have a message for you. Learn a new way to handle your emotions that goes beyond healing, processing or cleansing. Use them to consciously create reality.


    7 - How to solve problems easily

    Problems have a purpose. Once you understand the purpose of a problem, you can solve it easily! Magic and miracles exist and we will see some examples.


    8 - How to facilitate the healing of an illness

    Diseases have a purpose. When the purpose of the disease is discovered, healing is facilitated. The exercise in this training is very similar to the previous one, although it has some differences. I also have some examples on this subject that will surprise you.



    LISTEN ACTIVELY: We can co-create what someone says when he or she speaks so that what he or she says is for the good of all.

    TALK THE WORDS THAT LIFE WANTS: Instead of speaking from your head you connect to LIFE so that it speaks through you. That's how you say the right words at a specific moment.




    Everything that happens in your life, the things around you (radiation from phones, etc.), what happens in the world and even in the universe can influence how you feel. In this call we give you some tips to keep you in a positive vibration.


    11- Generating ABUNDANCE in your LIFE

    The universe has infinite abundance available to you and wants you to live a full life in all senses. Create a new relationship with money and learn a new way to attract it to you.


    12 - Active meditation to transform the world

    In the last three calls, we will work together with the quantum field of LIFE to help transform your life and the world. Live the experience of meditating ACTIVELY with LIFE to co-create with it. Experience how its magic works through you!



    Bonus #1 Invite someone for free! ($999)

    Bonus #2 Participates in the annual retreat ($1999)

    All this for only $999 (instead of $3997)


    Adriana is a wonderful goodhearted woman. Through her coaching and workshops, I was able to achieve the following results:

    • Immediately after one session with her, I was able to attract new customers.

    • I could detect and resolve private challenges with the techniques she taught me.

    • I learnt to see life and its challenges as perfect. Everything I do and everything that happens is right. I absolutely trust life.

    • Using the methods privately and professionally, my life and that of my customers have become easier. I also feel more confident.

    • When I want to master a challenge in a quick way, Adriana is a competent partner.

    • Her zest for life, her warmth and her professionalism are contagious. Working with her is good for my soul.